Setting Goals & Achieving Them

Setting Goals & Achieving Them


How are you doing in this Year? About 10% of the year is already over (5 weeks out of 52 weeks).

Did you set the goals for this year? If yes, How far have you progressed? If no, why didn’t you set goals? If you could let us know your answer, we could probably help.

We would like to share something special with you. This resonates with our outlook towards life and the focus of our work. You see; the tag line of our company “Inner Genius” is “Implement YOUR Complete Potential”.

That means, we are focused on getting the results. What we have realised is,

1.      Progress depends on actions you take consistently

2    For that we need a Something more that ensures that you are taking consistent actions

In other words, just setting goals is not sufficient. That is only a starting point.

In this article we explore the process of a setting the goals. In the next article we will cover how to ensure that you achieve them.

Let us look at the “Process of Setting Goals Properly”

Let us say, your goal is to secure your family’s future from a financial perspective.

This is a valid goal. Everyone (at least most of the people) will want to achieve this. However, this goal is vague. Do you agree?

How to improve on this and make it a clear goal?

We say that you need to convert it into a “SMART” goal. If you have come across the acronym, SMART in goal setting process, you are ready to move on to the next step which will be described in the next article. If you want get it immediately, then drop a mail at

If this is the first time you are coming across “SMART”, then read on.

SMART expands to:

1.       Specific : Be as specific as you can

2.       Measurable: You should be able to measure the goal and the progress towards the goal

3.       Action Oriented : Does the goal statement make it clear the kind of actions you need to take to achieve the goal

4.       Realistic: According to you is it a realistic goal. In other words, do you believe that you can achieve this goal?

5.       Time Bound: The date you want to reach the goal – A goal without a date is just a wish

How does this goal statement sound for you?

My goal is to have a life insurance for Rs. 50,00,000 by 31 March 2020

Look forward to your comments and questions.

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