BankerBhai’s MONEY METER

a SCORE to find out – how is our MONEY doing for us.


  • Checks all your parameters – Income, Goals, Loans, Investments, & many more
  • Tells you how well is YOUR money performing for you
  • Gives you pointers to make adjustments

Remember, Money Meter Score is indicative & not certified with any regulatory or compliance body. Take advise of Certified Financial Planner for your money management.

So, let us start with some basics first (1/5)

All inputs you provide are used somewhere or the other in taking out your Money Meter Score.

My AGE in years is

When it comes to investing my money, I am

My financial assets are as:

HARD ASSETS (Home, Gold, Jevellery etc.)
FIXED ASSETS (Savings, Income funds, FDS etc.)
GROWTH ASSETS (Shares, Equities mutual funds)
OTHER ASSETS (That haven’t been covered above)

Thanks – You are doing just great! (2/5)

Loans are a necessary evil. Let us get to know if you have kept the devil in control!


We often work for others. It is time we pause & think for ourselves – are we doing enough for our retirement?

SET A GOAL – Let your money work to ACHIEVE IT! (4/5)

Experts say that only by setting a Goal you have a 50% chance you will achieve it. That is the importance of setting any Goal. Let us try that ourselves.

Last few things before we send you Money Meter Report (5/5)

You told us that you earn Rs. __________ monthly. Of which Rs. _____ goes into EMI. Please let us know how much do you spend & invest monthly. Investing means that you have made an effort to put your money in higher return generating options like Mutual Funds, Stocks, etc. Whatever is left, is the Savings which does not earn us good returns.

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