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A serial entrepreneur who has seen both successes and failures. 

Passionate about learning and helping people to optimise their learning potential.

Goal setting is a good starting point and then you need to develop the systems to help you reach goals. Helps people in developing the systems to achieve the goals of their choice. 

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Setting Goals & Achieving Them
Hi,How are you doing in this Year? About 10% of the year is already over (5 weeks out of 52 weeks).Did you set the goals for this year? If yes, How....
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How To Practice In Order To Build A Habit For Money Saving

There is a saying ‘Easier said than done’. It is actually true in case of saving money also because talking about saving is very easy and getting it started rea...

Different Scenarios For Saving And Investment

Saving is that component of disposable income which is not used for present consumption. People do savings to accomplish their urgent requirements. It decides t...