15 Tips To Save Money On Wedding Photography

15 Tips to Save Money On Wedding Photography

Everybody wants to live only in the happy moments, but logically, it is not possible, so we have photography that helps us to relive the moments long after they are gone. Talking about wedding photography, it is far more crucial than any other moments in our lives. Wedding is the beginning of a new life with your better half and one can easily lose a lot of money in photography and videography if things given below are not taken care off. 

1.   Know The Skills Of Your Photographer

Exclusive wedding photographer should not be your priority, instead look for the one who is skilled and experienced. No matter he/she has done maternity shoots or product photography, he is your man if he has that skill and understanding of photography. 

2.   Creating A Bond With The Photographer

Once you create a good bond with the photographer and treat him with respect, he will negotiate according to your budget. 

3.   Decide Your Budget

Before jumping onto any photography studio, sit back and calculate your budget. Have a word with your partner and hire a wedding and pre-wedding photographer accordingly. 

4.   Consider What Your Photographer Needs

Check out the size of your guest list and hire assistants for the photographer only if there is any need.

5.   Bundle All The Services Into One Fee

Do not go for separate prices, instead bundle down the prices for services like editing, retouching, etc. 

6.   Considering The Priorities Of The Event

If you are tight on your budget, ask the photographer to skip the candid and behind the scene photos. 

7.   The Importance Of Other Events

Indian marriages are full of events, so if you want to stay within your budget, ask your friends to capture some of them without relying on the photographer to take pictures of every single event.

8.   Go For A Genuinely Reviewed Photographer

Surf the google using words like, ‘Photo studio near me’ and ‘photography nearby’ and look out for the photographers who are positively reviewed by people.

9.   Let The Photographer Know About The Details

Before jumping onto capturing everything, discuss with your partner about your priorities and which events you want to be captured. 

10.Hire The Associate Of A Renowned Photographer

Check out the samples and the way he is approaching to the subject then only take a decision whether you should hire him or not. 

11.Cut Down On The Wedding Videos

Photographers have a number of packages that include pre- wedding shoots and video shoots. While they seem good to have, they actually blow your budget. So, carefully choose what you want. 

12.Meet Sufficient Number Of Photographers

Interview as many photographers as you can because it’s not only about budget, It’s about capturing memories.

13.Go For Local Photographers

If you have known someone for quite a long time, you can approach them to handle your wedding photographs as they will probably know what you want and will also be open to negotiations.

14.Book In Advance

Do not wait for the last minute, step out and meet as many photographers as you can and then book in advance.

15.Go For Digital Media

If you go for a digital package, you won’t have to pay for the printing, moreover, you can get them printed yourself afterwards in case you change your mind. 

In the wedding season, photographers have quite busy schedules, so if you follow the above points, it will save your money and time and ensure that you get a photographer for your wedding. 

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15 Tips To Save Money On Wedding Photography

Everybody wants to live only in the happy moments, but logically, it is not possible, so we have photography that helps us to relive the moments long after they...

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