1. Home Purchase Loans: It can be availed when buying a new home. 2. Land/Plot Purchase Loans: Avail it in order to complete the purchase of plot of land for construction or as an investment. The only difference between this loan and the home loan is that this is used to purchase a vacant plot. 3. Home Construction Loans: You can avail this for the construction of a house on the plot of a land that you already own. 4. Home Improvement Loans: Home Improvement loans are popular because their interest rates are like the interest rates of home loans. You can avail these when you are planning to renovate or make repairs to your current home. 5. Home Conversion Loans: If you already own a house with an existing home loan and are planning to purchase a new house, you can opt for home conversion loan. 6. Home Extension Loans: When you feel the need to add more space to your house for various reasons, you should opt for Home Extension Loan.

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