Personal Loan Comparison Calculator – Find out Personal Loan outstanding
& Personal Loan EMI of other people of similar profile Nov, 2018

Over a survey of over 10000 people, find out what is the average Personal Loan outstanding & average Personal Loan EMI of people who have similar profile as yours
Your Age(in years)
Income (in Rs. Per year)
Personal Loan EMI per month (in Rs.)
Outstanding on Personal Loan

People of your profile pay Personal Loan EMI of &
have Personal Loan Outstanding of

We are always interested in getting a sneak on our neighbour, our co-worker, our relatives & even on inmates of the Big Boss House. We also want to know very badly how well we are placed compared to our peer group. This calculator does exactly that. It shows you the PERSONAL LOAN EMI & the PERSONAL LOAN OUTSTANDINGS of other people who have a profile similar to your profile in terms of AGE & INCOME. The data has been collected over survey of more than 10000 people in India.

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