Know your Net Worth? Use this calculator to find your Financial Net Worth.
Nov, 2018

Most people cannot answer this basic question. Can You? Try this tool to find out what your Net Worth is. Very simple but did you know?
Financial Assets
Hard assets?
Fixed Income?
Growth Assets?
Financial Liabilities
Credit Card Balances
Outstanding Bills

Your Total Net Worth is


NET WORTH if told in crude local language would mean one’s financial aukaat. While most of such things cannot be measured, luckily NET WORTH can be measured in rupee terms. For the more educated ones, it is same thing as how much worth financially someone is.

It is one of the most basic measures of measuring one’s financial standing. It is like an individual’s profit & loss statement. Most of us start on a negative note because we have taken loans even before start earning and when we do start earning, we keep on saving and keep on moving into positive, what we term as increasing our net worth.

The need for this Net Worth Calculator

This is the most basic of the calculator. Very simple to use and very simple to understand. However, even more important is the fact that most people do not even take a minute out to think about their finances like this.

This calculator asks very few basic details from you like your investments, outstanding loans, value of your assets, credit card balances and 3-4 more small such things. You will realise that just to write these values down, you will have to think what how much exactly they are and this is what we want to achieve here. You should think & know HOW MUCH YOU HAVE & HOW MUCH YOU HAVE TO GIVE. We take out the difference, and voila, you have your NET WORTH. Your own individual NET WORTH.

How to use this calculator

The use of this calculator is very simple. You just have to enter following things:

Financial Asset

Hard Assets:-Mention the details of tangible assets possessed by you like property, Car, Gold etc.

Fixed Income:-Mention the details of fixed income assets that you have like Debt Mutual Funds, FDs with Banks, Post Office savings, Corporate FDs if any etc..

Growth Assets:- Mention the details of Growing assets possessed by you like investment holding in stocks, equity / balanced mutual funds etc..

Other Assets:-Mention the details of any other assets possessed by you which have not been categorised in the above may be like loan given to a friend.

Financial Liabilities

Credit Card Balances:-Mention how much you owe to your credit card company/companies.

Outstanding Bills:-Mention how much outstanding bills are still pending on you.

Loans:-Mention how much loans you have to pay. Include all kind of loans like Home Loan, Personal Loan, Car Loan etc.

Other Liabilities:-Mention the details of other liabilities that you have to pay that have not been included above like loan taken from a friend.

Output – Output from this calculator is very simple.

We just deduct your Financial Liabilities from your Financial Assets. Lo & Behold! We have your NET WORTH.

Now that was an easy Financial Calculator. Wasn’t it? Still, you deserve a break. You may now relax by seeing some of the offers by our financial experts on BankerBhai.

Want to Increase your Net Worth, follow these Steps

Pay off Your Debt

If you don’t owe any money it means whatever you earn will you in your pocket and your net worth will increase. So pay off all your debt as soon as you are able to, so that your net worth keeps on getting multiplied all the time.

Make maximum contributions towards your retirement

The government and many private employers provide retirement plans that have desirable tax characteristics. In fact, many employers have matching programs that will help you to grow your contribution faster.

Cut Expenses by Realizing Expenses

Just imagine will you like if you are told to cut down on your expenses but if you want to increase your net worth then you have to do so. We all want to eat out at restaurants or buy the latest smartphone , but what we don't realize is how quickly smaller expenses can add up. Make a habit of maintaining a diary of your day to day expenses and you will be shocked by how much of your paycheck is trickling away just in the expenses which you consider too small. The intent is not to stop eating out entirely or to quit favorite pastimes but instead to simply become aware of your spending habits and identify areas where you can make adjustments.

Find New Sources of Income

We all know that in today’s time just a single source of income is not enough. If you want to increase your net worth then money has to come from multiple places. You can increase your income by getting a second job, taking on freelance work. The opportunities are endless, you only need to find out these opportunities and devote your time on them.

Buy a House

Our assets are directly linked to our net worth. Renting a house will not help your net worth because it's just paying the money without any asset accumulation. Instead if you decide to purchase a home, any mortgage payments will go toward building equity, the value of which can increase if your house appreciates in value. And there are always chances that you will get more money if you decide to sell the property purchased.

Invest in Stocks

Don't keep the money idle because the money kept idle is not adding to your net worth. Rather make it work for you by investing in index funds or blue chip stocks that have a long history of growth. There is almost no easier way to increase your net worth than through long-term investments of this nature.

Buy Insurance

Having an adequate insurance is a must in order to maintain a healthy net worth. Your net worth could drop if you have an emergency and aren't protected. Are your house, car, and valuables properly insured? Do you have proper liability coverage? Good insurance may cost you some money upfront, but at the end of the day you will save a lots of money which will eventually increase your net worth.

Use our other financial calculators to see how to make best use of financial resources available to you. You can simply ask an expert also on BankerBhai. Happy NET WORTHING!


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