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Share Samadhan is a Delhi-based single-window solution provider to Unclaimed Investments. You might be aware of the problems of Unclaimed Investments parked in various financial instruments such as Stocks, Mutual funds, Insurance, PF, PPF, Bank deposits, Post office schemes etc. It is literally a black hole of investors' wealth.

Some example of Unclaimed Investment


  •           Physical shares
  •             Pending Transfer of shares
  •            Pending Transmission of shares due to death of the shareholder
  •            Unclaimed dividends
  •            Unclaimed bonuses, split shares
  •            Unclaimed PF
  •            Corporate Deposit
  •           Matured Unclaimed Insurance
  •           Inoperative Bank Accounts
  •           Promoter of listed company want to buy physical shares from the market

Share Samadhan has been doing a pioneering job to unearth the hidden treasure. In a very short span of time, we have unblocked millions of rupees involving diverse number investors who lost hope to get their money back.

You may wish to approach us at samadhan@sharesamadhan.org or at 011 49084002

Team Share Samadhan

B-35, LGF, South ex Part II

New Delhi-49

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